Monday, November 23, 2009

The Government Can

Audit the Fed!

As you may have heard, a House panel has voted to audit the fed. The move, led by Congressman Ron Paul, would give Congress more authority and oversight over actions taken by the Federal Reserve. I'm no economic expert, but H.R. 1207 is one of the most important pieces of legislation ever proposed in Congress.

The Federal Reserve, as everyone should know, is a central banking system that controls our monetary policy. It used to be called a "private" entity, but evidence shows us otherwise. The Fed is a public-private partnership having total control over a monetary policy that the Founders would be ashamed of. We no longer base our currency off of a sound, valid commodity. Our current fiat standard bases our monetary policy on almost nothing. It's a complete illusion.

We are supposed to believe that printing money based on the opinions of a few elitist aristocrats is superior to basing our money supply over something that actually exists. We've never had a full-blown gold standard, but we did have something that was more toward such. Gold, as many people know, generally increases in value over time. The value and supply of gold used to be the basis for how much money we could print. Before the Federal Reserve, there was a natural cap on spending formed by the forces of the free market. The government had to spend within its means. With the Federal Reserve however, the government can spend and expand without limit because the Federal Reserve controls monetary policy by whim. Instead of monetary policy being controlled by sound commodity and the natural forces of the free market, monetary policy is changed based on the decisions of a bureaucratic panel of wealthy bankers. Somehow, this is supposed to be superior to the gold standard.

The endless printing of money causes much damage to our national and global economy. The value of the dollar, unfortunately, is becoming worthless because the Federal Reserve prints money endlessly to fund the government's massive budgets, spending programs, and debts both foreign and domestic. If our monetary policy doesn't change, we will see hyperinflation post-recession, the inevitable destruction of the dollar, and mass poverty worldwide. There will, in effect, be a financial meltdown. We won't ever be able to pay off our debts if we keep spending money that isn't there. Things won't get better if we continue to pump illusionary wealth into the system.

I highly recommend Ron Paul's End the Fed, a book that explains our situation in detail. Since I am very tired, I will leave it here today and perhaps express my emotions on a deeper level in a few days. For now, God bless you, God bless America, and have a fabulous day.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Necessity of the Men's Movement: Defeating Modern Feminism One Step at a Time

There was a time when feminism actually stood for something. Women fought for their right to vote, fought for their right to work as a man could, and fought for their right to have their voices heard. They were sick and tired of having all of their concerns ignored as if they were just expendable objects to use for the advancement of the male power structure. Women just couldn't take it anymore. They were going to show the world that they were equals who had just as much potential and deserved just as much freedom as any man did. It didn't matter if society said they were supposed to cook, clean, and simply take care of the children. They knew in their hearts that they had the potential to lead the lives they wanted to lead.

With the help of a select few male voices that supported them, the feminist movement grew into something that benefited women of all ages, colors, and backgrounds. Women gained the right to vote, they gained the right to work as a man could, and they gained the right to have their voices heard. The pioneers of classic feminism paved the way for gender egalitarianism for generations to come. But as time passed, things started to go wrong.

The feminist movement was twisted into something that went against everything that the classic feminists stood for: instead of gender equality, these modern feminists began to fight for gender superiority. Instead of targeting sexism, modern feminists started targeting men themselves. Men were twisted into something evil and wicked. Men who emphasize strict gender codes and stereotypes have also perpetuated the problem. We have grown into a society that thinks women deserve our protection the most, but men and children deserve the same kind of treatment.

I see the effects of this new mentality as I hear stories that break my heart. I've read a few stories of men getting raped or beaten. and I have to tell you that they are some of the most horrible stories that I have ever heard. After calling the police, they were often laughed at or disregarded. There are sometimes comments to these stories. Yes, you do get your sympathetic and compassionate reactions, but there are a lot of people saying, "Men can't be raped," "Men aren't victims," "He deserved it," "A real man wouldn't get raped," "A real man wouldn't get beaten," "He was lying." Often, the only support these men could get were from a counselor or a few male or female friends that cared for them when nobody else would.

After all of these years of women fighting for their rights, something unexpected has happened: Men have now been pinned as aggressors and women as victims. Modern feminists aren't the only ones to blame. Men who emphasize strict gender codes and stereotypes have also perpetuated the problem. When did we get to the point where we started to believe that women deserve our protection more than men and children? As a protector and a nurturer, I feel as if it is my duty to protect all of God's children regardless of their differences. I will defend and protect women, men, children, and the unborn to the death. We all deal with things differently, but we're all human beings with feelings.

Now, where do these modern feminist influences come from? You absolutely need to take a look some quotes for yourself. Click on the link, and you'll be amazed.

I mean, come on. Men are supposed to respect women, but women don't need to respect men? Men aren't allowed to earn a higher salary, but it's okay for courts to have a bias towards women in custodial cases? Forced sex upon a woman is rape, but forced sex upon a man isn't to be taken seriously? A man who abuses a woman is evil, but a woman who abuses a man is nothing to worry about? Most feminists would say, "Of course not," to all of these questions, but their ideology has greatly contributed to these subconscious mentalities. No wonder we need a men's movement.

God bless you, and have a fabulous day.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Problem With the Welfare State

Pardon me, but I need to vent my anger about the current culture of entitlements that has been arising in our youth and our adults. It seems that, nowadays, people are asking for more government programs and benefits than ever before. These welfare queens seem to think that, since they are citizens, they should be entitled to free health care, free education, free housing, free energy, free transportation, free TV, free internet, and even free cash. Why have we allowed ourselves to create an atmosphere in which everything we have been taught to work for in the past is now being considered a "basic public necessity?" We need to set our priorities straight or we'll grow into a nation of government-run people.

The government can give you what you think you deserve, but not without stealing from somebody else. Maybe you think it's okay that they take from the "rich" guy to take care of you, but the government is stealing from your pockets as well. It's called redistribution of wealth, and it's a socialist principle that does not work in our society. If anything, it increases the size and role of government at rates unforeseeable by our Founding Fathers. It makes people into slaves and servants rather than individuals and masters of their own lives. When the people become dependent on the government, the government can convince people into believing that it is trustworthy enough to expand in size and power.

You may think that the expansion of government is not such a bad thing. In fact, you may like it because you get more "free" stuff, and you feel more secure with a bureaucratic elite than with the forces of the free market. However, what you get is something worse than you could ever imagine: the government starts telling you what you can and can't do with your own life. Maybe it tells you that you're not allowed to drive a certain car or own a certain gun or marry a certain person. Maybe it tells you that you're not allowed to eat a certain food or set up your own business or sign up with a certain insurance company. Maybe it will even start dictating how much you can earn, how much medical care you can get, and what kind of lifestyle that you're allowed to pursue. It already happens in Canada and Britain.

When you ask the government for more and more "free" services, you're asking for it to grow in size, power, and tyranny.  At the rate we're going, we'll no longer be individual citizens with the right to live life the way we see fit. We'll be a truly powerless people, owned and managed by the dictatorial U.S.S.A. Have we learned nothing from the nursery rhymes that we all knew and loved as kids?

Rock-a-bye baby in the tree top
When the wind blows, the cradle will rock
When the branch breaks, the cradle will fall
And down will come baby, cradle and all 

You see, my friends, we're the babies being cradled by that branch, which is - you guessed it - the U.S. government. We are becoming increasingly dependent on that branch to live our lives. That branch will grow stronger and stronger, but the wind will grow stronger and stronger as well. No matter how strong that branch gets, the winds of deficit, taxation, warfare, inflation, dollar depreciation, burden, wickedness, totalitarianism, and evil will grow stronger right along with it. Eventually, the wind will grow so strong, that the branch will break, and the system will collapse upon itself. The government will fail its people, and the people won't know what to do because they haven't learned how to take care of themselves. The branch will break, and the people will fall.

It's never too late for preservation or restoration or a Second American Revolution. Thomas Jefferson once said that the blood of patriots and tyrants must once again be shed one day in order to restore the tree of liberty that has been planted in our great and prosperous nation. We need to stop letting ourselves become servants of an all-powerful master that promises to take care of us until death do us part. Instead, we must release our individual strength and tell the government that we serve ourselves and whoever we want to serve. We are the masters of our lives and of the government. They don't own us. They can't tell us what to do. They can't push us around anymore!

We are a strong and courageous people. We will rise again to relinquish the demonic forces that have infiltrated this all-mighty power structure that we call "leadership." We must not let them grow so large that they will bury us all. Protect your right to keep and bear arms. Protect your right to make your own choices regarding your life, liberty, and property. Protect your right to pursue happiness as you see fit. It's your life, and the government can't tell you what to do.

We're not going to take it anymore. Not in America. After all, we know better than to give up our freedoms in the name of some Progressive utopia where an elite group of aristocrats makes the decisions for us. Don't let them ever take away your liberty. It is more precious than any one of us take for granted.

Freedom is a treasure that must always be preserved.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Health Care Bill: Passed in the House of Representatives

We all knew this was coming. Even as we frantically tried to call Congress to put a stop to this horrific piece of legislation, we knew in our hearts that it would amount to nothing. Our leaders don't listen, and we've known that for a very long time. One of the worst bills in history is about to become reality. Kiss your freedoms goodbye, America.

Progressives thought about what "free" or subsidized health care would do for millions of those who cannot afford health care. Without considering the economic consequences of such a disastrous idea, the social benefits of such a proposal seemed to outweigh any negatives whatsoever.

No one really took enough time to factor in the Federal Reserve: This team of global elites has been printing money like madmen since the very beginning, resulting in recession after recession. The value of our dollar has been plummeting, and yet, we want to continue with failed Keynesian policies that create nothing but illusionary wealth. Our politicians keep begging for inflation and dollar depreciation in order to fund their massive budgets. Without the Federal Reserve, our politicians would be forced to live within their means instead of spending and expanding without limit. Unfortunately, people now think that big government is the answer to all of our problems, and therefore want to sustain the Federal Reserve so that the government can keep gaining more control.

When this bill is passed in the Senate and signed by our president, many things will happen. Small businesses will inevitably see tax hikes. Prices will go up, wages will be cut, and quality of service will plummet. We'll have to beg China for money again, increasing our debt dramatically. Competition will suffer, and with it, innovation will also suffer. With all of the new regulations on the insurance industry, and the lax oversight of the government option, the government will inevitably have the upper hand. They'll be able to seize their funds by force, whether people like it or not. Since everyone will be required by law to have insurance, those who do not have it will be forced into the government option, sending premiums even further through the roof. There will no longer be an incentive to provide better care. Government-run health care will take control.

Worst of all, money will print at rapid speed, increasing inflation and making our dollar worthless. Everyone invested in our dollar will suffer, leading to mass poverty worldwide. At the mercy of tyrannical governments and wealthy bankers, we will beg to be saved. We will no longer own ourselves.

Enjoy your freedom while it lasts, for it could be worse. At least we're not living in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union - yet.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Idiots at FreePress.Net: Part II

In case you haven't read Part I, please click here to do so. Today, I'm going to continue my analysis of this ridiculous and idiotic organization that thinks it can save the media by destroying the economy in the process.
While media technology has advanced in the 42 years since public broadcasting was created, the need has only grown for noncommercial, not-for-profit media, available free to the public with a mission to inform, educate, inspire and engage.
I want my readers to take a very close look at the language this organization is using. As you can see, it has radically Progressive undertones. It is now evil to make a profit in order to sustain business. When did we get to the point where we started to hold disdain for the very mention of profit? Profits buy the things businesses need to thrive. Without them, you inevitably fail in the marketplace - unless the government steps in to turn your bankruptcy into bureaucracy. These people at FreePress.Net have no clue what kind of impact their actions will have on the economy if they get their way. On top of that, their plan for government-controlled media has a specific agenda; a Progressive agenda, might I say. The information, education, inspiration, and engagement received is far from unbiased: its purpose is to indoctrinate the masses with socialist propaganda in order to manipulate society into succumbing to Progressive ideals. After all, these taxpayer-funded outlets have a "mission," do they not?
Despite their value, public media are under constant threat. They are chronically underfunded and under assault by lawmakers who would silence critical voices and cripple alternatives to the commercial media.
The words in bold are clearly methods of making people believe that massive spending bills, high taxation, and big government is the answer to our problems. If you expand the government's role in the media, won't you just silence critical voices and cripple alternatives even more? After all, that's what the government does and will continue to do. Why give them more power to do so?
The headlines are bleak. Tens of thousands of journalists have lost their jobs in just the past few years. Major dailies throughout the country have been shuttered or gone bankrupt, and it seems only a matter of time before a major American city wakes up without a newspaper on anyone’s doorstep.
Maybe these outlets would be able to thrive if they were allowed to make a profit? Just a thought. I know, sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?
The erosion of American journalism hinders the public’s right to know: Without quality journalism that holds our government and corporate leaders accountable, our democracy suffers. But the state of journalism isn’t natural, inevitable or acceptable.
More Progressive nonsense! First of all, it isn't groups of people who have rights; it is individuals who have rights. To say that the public has a right is like saying that everyone is one in the same, something our Founders regarded as a complete fallacy when they wrote our Constitution. It is the individual who has the right to pursue knowledge by any means possible, but that doesn't mean he or she entitled to free TV, free radio, and free internet. Although that would be nice, the economic consequences are disastrous. We can't afford all of these entitlements anymore, even if taxation was at a one-hundred percent level across the board. Giving people things for free isn't really "free" if you're stealing from someone else. As for the talk of accountability, what these people are saying is that government should interrogate and silence people who do not meet the government's idea of what is acceptable and what is not. All these people want is more bureaucracy. Someone has to tell these people that we are a Constitutional republic, not a democracy.
Our media system was shaped by political and public policy decisions made by Congress and the Federal Communications Commission in Washington. Lawmakers and regulators at these agencies rubber-stamped the bad deals that led to the unchecked consolidation and crushing debt that now threaten the health of our press.
For once, I actually agree with these idiots, but I don't have the same solution in mind. More government is not the answer to our problems if big government was the problem in the first place. That's just common sense.
The search for solutions to the crisis in journalism calls for a national journalism strategy premised on the idea that newsgathering is a public service – not just another commodity.
Do you like socialized journalism the likes of the Soviet Union and China? If so, then you're in for a wonderful surprise. If not, enjoy the ride while it lasts. Thank you, and have a fabulous day! Leave your comments below.