Sunday, December 20, 2009

Free Market Health Care Reform: A Real Alternative to ObamaCare

Most of us today realize the undoubted necessity of major health care reform. For those of us who do not wish to maintain the status quo, there are two sides to the argument. The Obama administration and the Democratic majority in Congress propose more government. Even Republicans are proposing their own slightly lighter version of ObamaCare. However, the only real solution to our health care problems is not more government, but less. It is the very regulations, subsidies, taxes, and inflationary policies proposed today that have led to our health care problems in the first place.

People are being taxed more than they have ever been before. Forty to seventy percent of each income earned by the middle class and the wealthy is now deemed government property, and taxed accordingly. Property taxes, payroll taxes, and corporate taxes are at an all-time high. All of this combines to kill jobs, drive up costs, and make our nation poorer by taking money from citizens to pay for unaffordable government programs, so-called "investments" in money-losing projects, useless bailouts, excessive government salaries, and, worst of all, imperialistic wars that only weaken our national security. With these expenses, it is no wonder that the cost of premiums, treatments, and medical care is at an all-time high. These costs are becoming unaffordable for thousands of American families.

Businesses continue to suffer from heavy price controls, wage laws, union-appeasing legislation, and pointless regulations. This kills profits by raising expenses, which in effect leads to reduced wages, higher prices on consumer goods and services, and a lower motivation to work, compete, and innovate. Advancements in medicine and opportunities to lower costs in order to compete are stifled by these expenses. When prices are fixed by government bureaucrats instead of the free market, the incentive to make improvements and provide better services is damaged. When doctors and patients have to sign more paperwork in order to meet the demands of time-wasting loopholes and expensive government regulations, the efficiencies produced by doctor-patient negotiations are no longer existent. Businesses can no longer afford to provide adequate wages or employer-provided health insurance for their workers.

Subsidies reward failure at the expense of the taxpayer. Big pharma, various insurance companies, and the medical-industrial complex rake in handouts with no idea of what will truly benefit or satisfy consumers. The transmission of information produced by the price system is distorted by false stimulus dollars that provide no calculation of profit and loss. Knowing what consumers want - and how much consumers are willing to pay - becomes much harder when funds are acquired by force rather than by the voluntary actions of consumers themselves.

Last, but not least, if we are to bring about real changes to our health care system, a problem we must be willing to face is the problem of monetary inflation produced by escalating wartime budgets, corporate welfare, cheap handouts, and the very central banking system we adopted under the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Credit expansion leads to distorted interest rates and high levels of monetary inflation, causing endless boom-bust cycles and dollar degradation. Inflation is the biggest and sneakiest tax of all. It robs people of the value of their hard-earned money, which, in turn, brings down their actual wages and raises the prices of consumer goods and services. Hiring workers becomes more expensive, and businesses suffer as a result. Doctors, patients, hospitals, and companies are hurt in the process. Medical care only becomes more unaffordable.

From these facts, we can deduce that ObamaCare is simply more of the same. The overall economic costs of this expensive overhaul will only make things worse for consumers, workers, and employers alike. High taxes, excessive regulations, costly subsidies, and rising inflation is going to make everything we buy more expensive and everything we sell more worthless. Doctor-patient relationships, medical innovations, incentives to drive down costs, and quality of care will continue to suffer as a result. This is no way to reform health care. In order to truly reform health care, we must be willing to:
  • Provide more tax credits and tax cuts
  • Rollback price controls and medical regulations
  • Stop favoring unions and the medical-industrial complex over consumers
  • Eliminate subsides for insurance companies, big pharma, and corporations
  • Slash our budgets to fight inflation
  • Reduce the discretionary powers of the Federal Reserve, and...
  • Take health care out of bureaucratic hands and return it to the powers of the free market
Real health care reform starts not by asking government to solve our problems, but by getting it out of the way. Only then will the individual achievement unleashed by the powerful forces of the free market guide us to improve services, lower costs, and provide high-quality health care for a greater number of people. Freedom does wonders for our personal, economic, and social well-being.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

President Obama: Mr. Warmongering Scumbag

How does a leader who promises peace around the world, yet expands the war in Afghanistan, authorizes the bombings of innocent civilians, continues to send tens of thousands of troops to fight overseas for an unjustified cause, is in bed with multinational corporations that manipulate the law to suit their needs, further deprives us of our liberties by extending the Patriot Act, uses taxpayer money to give aid to powerful dictatorships, puts us further at the mercy of China through excessive borrowing, builds up the debt through escalating budgets and regulations, authorizes more power for the Federal Reserve, signs away our national sovereignty with unprecedented ease, supports policies that cause more people to starve and die in third-world countries, and acts as if he could care less that the dollar is on the road to destruction - win and accept the Nobel Peace Prize?

Keep making your excuses, liberals.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Green Fascism: The Truth Behind Climategate and the Summit at Copenhagen

The climate change summit in Copenhagen is not something that many people want to pay attention to. Perhaps a gathering of environmentalists and world leaders to discuss "climate change" doesn't seem like such a big deal. The agreements made at this summit will affect each and everyone of us, yet we brush it off as just another pointless environmental propaganda fest that will have nothing to do with our personal or economic well-being. Do the words "one-world government" worry anyone? If so, then this event is something that needs to be paid attention to. The globalists would prefer global warming skeptics to stay out of this debate, but we must not give into their desires. I can assure you that our freedom and prosperity will be further damaged once President Obama gets involved in this meeting of totalitarian dictators bent on forcing their ideology upon the masses.

What exactly are these people planning? They seem to be setting up some type of treaty or agreement setting up worldwide laws that, if broken, will result in catastrophic punishments to millions of innocent people. The agreements themselves are punishment alone - punishment for driving certain cars, eating certain foods, working certain jobs, and living certain lifestyles. If any nation dare refuse to abide by these worldwide rules on how many carbon emissions can be produced, all Hell will break loose, and the U.N. will see that the disobedient will pay for their refusal to submit to the power-hungry global overlords that seek to grab control of everything in sight.

Third-world countries are being hurt the most. Food prices are already skyrocketing. Millions will be forced to starve and die because these new worldwide regulations and global taxes are far too burdensome on agriculture, energy companies, the auto industry, and citizens themselves. The very air we breathe is now considered a pollutant by the EPA. No one is safe from the wrath of the totalitarian dictators that seek to control every aspect of our lives. They will be telling us what kind of cars we can drive, what kind of foods we can eat, what kind of jobs we can work, and how we are supposed to live our lives. Liberty is being traded for "global security," and, in doing so, we are giving up the very heart and soul of our existence to those who seek to deprive of us of everything we have so that they can be known to the citizens of the world as the "saviors of mankind."

In the climate change agreements that will be confirmed at Copenhagen, we see some pretty scary things. Lord Christopher Monckton, one of the very few prominent figures speaking out against the New World Order, has somehow obtained secretive papers from Copenhagen coordinators outlining the plans for devastating global regulations. Believe it or not, there is actually going to be a massive global tax imposed on the citizens of the world, the revenue going to the World Bank to pay for whatever programs the globalists wish to force upon the masses. Global regulations regarding the emission of carbon into the atmosphere will also be set in the form of - courtesy of Smiley-Faced Fascism Incorporated - "environmental agreements." I can assure you that prices will rise, wages will go down in many industries, and the unemployment rate will continue to skyrocket within the coming months. Leading us into a global depression is exactly what the globalists intend to do, even if some naïve members of Congress insist otherwise. Our dollar is on the path to full-blown destruction.

Fortunately, a recent scandal has awakened many people to the scientific hoax that we call "global warming." Hackers gained access to the databases of many university computers, discovering shocking emails that revealed scientists discussing distortion, exaggeration, and elimination of their own scientific data to make global warming look like a valid and catastrophic epidemic. In their own words, they were trying to "hide the decline." Have you noticed how cold it's been lately? Here in Wisconsin, our summer was chilly, our fall was cold, and our winter is freezing. You literally feel like an iceberg as soon as you step out of the door. Temperatures have been declining, and we are supposed to believe that "global warming" is still a valid theory. Despite what the Al Gore propagandists want you to believe, we have been experiencing environmental extremes since life on earth took its first breath. Sun cycles account for the majority of what we call climate change, and there isn't much we can do to change sun cycles.

In the fifties, Progressives were screaming about how polar bears would drown and cities would sink beneath the seas if we didn't do "something." By the seventies, the tune of the Progressives was changed to "global cooling," and we were going to see another Ice Age if we didn't change our lifestyles - and quick. By the turn of the millenium, "global warming" came back to haunt us, and prominent figures, including Al Gore himself, profited off of environmental alarmism. Due to recent declining temperatures, the phrase is now "climate change," and we are supposed to believe that the evils of humanity have caused every single environmental problem that we face today. Even if you have spent but a year on this earth, politicians and scientists point their fingers at you to say, "It's all your fault." They don't want to accept that perhaps the majority of the temperature changes we see today are caused naturally rather than by the so-called "evils" of humanity.

Don't get me wrong. There are many legitimate environmental issues that we face today - the biggest being pollution. However, excessive taxes and regulations aren't going to make our environmental problems any better, and, even if they did, we'd do so at the expense of our freedoms. Instead, we must find ways of solving our problems without resorting to deprivation of Constitutional liberties. For one thing, we need to respect property rights more than we do now. We need to eliminate the loopholes that allow various corporations and individuals the right to pollute on property that isn't theirs. We also need to attack massive budgets and burdensome regulations that lead to credit expansion and high inflation rates. If we don't attack the problem of monetary inflation, the motivation and innovation needed to discover new and cleaner technological advancements will only be stifled by costly expenses. Believe it or not, I am a great admirer of nature, and I personally believe that everything on this earth has a life, a spirit, and a name. The environment is definitely an important issue for me, but the whole environmental movement has been infiltrated by big government Progressives, activists expressing anti-business sentiment, pinko commies, and self-loathing econazis. I, for one, have a hard time associating with those people.

Unfortunately, those who speak out against the New World Order have politicians, scientists, professors, television personalities, prominent celebrities, and brainwashed simpletons to deal with. When Lord Christopher Monckton tried to speak to anti-globalists at the climate change summit in Copenhagen, many brownshirted activists stormed in to seize property, act in a violent manner, and trash the place entirely. Police have also been taking into custody those who would even dare speak out against global leaders attending the summit. Free speech is dying a horrible death, and we need to do everything we can to utilize what is left of it.

I urge each and everyone of you to protect the environment, but do so without demanding personal or economic liberties to be taken away from us. Speak out against those who would like to see our rights deprived of us for their own personal gain. Expose the globalist agenda for what it truly is, even if it means losing a few friends and colleagues in the process. If we lose our freedoms, we will have ourselves to blame. Don't let it slip away. I know that I have used this quote many times before, but, in the words of Patrick Henry:

"Give me liberty or give me death!"

Fight the establishment with all you've got. Follow your heart, and march to the drums of liberty and freedom. God bless you, my friends, and have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

We're All Abortionists Now

As if passing a law legalizing the murder of millions of unborn infants wasn't enough for the babykillers, we are now being asked to do our patriotic duty to pay for other peoples' abortions against our will.

I haven't the faintest idea why they call abortionists pro-choicers! Does the baby get a choice? Does anyone related to the baby - besides the carrier - get a choice? If that wasn't enough, not even taxpayers are given the choice on whether their money is going to pay for murder or not. We pay for Iraq, we pay for Afghanistan, and now we're going to pay for the murders of millions of innocent children who are stripped of their right to live in the name of "choice."

For those of you who haven't heard, the Senate defeated the amendment in the health care bill that would have prevented taxpayer funds from going to abortions. Now, we have no choice. I urge each and everyone of you to pray for our country. If this bill doesn't die a horrible, horrible death, then let's hope that another pro-life amendment is passed.

You know, there are so many things confusing me at the moment. Democrats kept saying, "How could you accuse us of wanting to cover abortion in the health care bill? That's sick!" Now their tune has changed.

"A woman has a right to choose, and she shouldn't be stripped of that right just because she can't afford it."

Unfortunately, health care reform supporters are also making excuses for this horrible part of the legislation. As if it wasn't enough that they support a bill that will raise taxes on everyone rich and poor, put hundreds of people out of business, nearly eliminate any kind of competition in the medical market, slow the development of groundbreaking new innovations in medicine, destroy doctor-patient relationships, drive up premiums, increase the rate of inflation, use more money from China to fund it, create frightening death panels, send our deficits skyrocketing through the roof, and contribute to the rapid destruction of the dollar - now we're going to be forced to do the work of Satan himself. Murder, no matter what the fascists in Washington want to call it, is never justified for reasons other than self-defense. We cannot let this stand.

We cannot defend liberty without defending life. There is no reason for us to declare that some lives are more valuable than others in the name of "choice." Liberty begins at life. The seed of disrespect for life at any stage in development is one that grows rapidly once it is planted. Congressman Ron Paul said it best:
Today, we are seeing a piecemeal destruction of individual freedom. And in abortion, the statists have found a most effective method of obliterating freedom: obliterating the individual. Abortion on demand is the ultimate State tyranny; the State simply declares that certain classes of human beings are not persons, and therefore not entitled to the protection of the law. The State protects the "right" of some people to kill others, just as the courts protected the "property rights" of slave masters in their slaves. Moreover, by this method the State achieves a goal common to all totalitarian regimes: it sets us against each other, so that our energies are spent in the struggle between State-created classes, rather than in freeing all individuals from the State. Unlike Nazi Germany, which forcibly sent millions to the gas chambers (as well as forcing abortion and sterilization upon many more), the new regime has enlisted the assistance of millions of people to act as its agents in carrying out a program of mass murder.
It is our God-given duty to protect the lives of everyone rich and poor, black and white, male and female, elderly and youthful. The unborn are no exception.

Life is the greatest liberty of all.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Leading Cause of Poverty Today? The Abandonment of Freedom!

We continuously hear over and over again that the leading cause of poverty in America today is a lack of regulations, inadequate taxation, underfunded budgets, "privatized" health care, and the free market system itself. Capitalism is blamed for the over-concentration of power and wealth into hands that belong to the richest of the rich. All of our troubles are claimed to have been caused by the system that brought us more freedom and prosperity than any other nation on earth. My friends, the leading cause of poverty in America today is not capitalism - it is our departure from that system and our inability to preserve the principles upon which our nation was founded.

At the root of the problem is the central banking system that we adopted in 1913 under President Theodore Roosevelt and then advanced further under President Woodrow Wilson. Both of these men were power-hungry globalists whose policies triggered a "need" for an elastic currency. When government bureaucrats propose budgets that are too expensive, taxes that are too high, or regulations that are too burdensome, the Federal Reserve is given the encouragement to expand credit and print money endlessly without a care in the world that the creation of the money itself is entirely artificial. It is created out of thin air.

Before the Federal Reserve, the government had to spend within its means. However, if we continue with a centralized monetary policy, the government will continue to spend and expand without limit. Poverty becomes a very difficult issue to deal with. Politicians, in turn, propose massive taxpayer-funded welfare programs that only drive up inflation, which is not only an increase in the money supply, but also a way of taxing the poor more than any legislative tax could do. When an inflationary policy is endlessly continued in infinite cycles, prices rise, wages go down, and it becomes more expensive for employers to hire people. The dollar is depreciated, and we get less bang for our buck. Poverty programs only make poverty worse.

Never has America been more riddled with useless wars and foreign entanglements than in the past several decades. If it wasn't for the Federal Reserve, the government would not be able to declare wars on other nations without a care in the world what it would do to our national debt and the economic well-being of our citizens. Recently, President Obama confirmed a troop surge of 30,000 men and women into Afghanistan. It's as if he is taking a page right out of the Bush playbook. This was the man who was supposed to be anti-war, the man who everyone thought believed in peace and nonaggression. His supporters continue to make excuses for him, but there is no excuse for sending tens of thousands of troops into a country that should have been left by Americans a long time ago. If you are anti-war, there is no excuse for the actions that were taken by President Obama, so stop making excuses for him. Does anyone else regret that we did not elect Congressman Ron Paul for president?

These wars pose a threat to our security, our economic well-being, and our civil liberties. It gives the totalitarian dictators in Washington the ability to take away our right to privacy and free speech in the name of what they determine is our "national security." When you give up liberty for security, you lose both. The real threat to our security today is the imperialistic power structure that consists of the U.S. government, the corporations preferred by bureaucrats, and the dictatorial Federal Reserve that controls almost every aspect of our economy. We are sinking deeper and deeper into the realms of fascism, and that is not something our Founding Fathers would have been proud of. We must do everything we can to fight for our lives and for our freedoms. We need to return to limited government, low budgets, low taxes, a noninterventionist foreign policy, and sound money.

The cause of all of our troubles, including poverty as we've never seen it before, is the inability to preserve the foundation upon which our great and prosperous nation was founded.