Tuesday, December 15, 2009

President Obama: Mr. Warmongering Scumbag

How does a leader who promises peace around the world, yet expands the war in Afghanistan, authorizes the bombings of innocent civilians, continues to send tens of thousands of troops to fight overseas for an unjustified cause, is in bed with multinational corporations that manipulate the law to suit their needs, further deprives us of our liberties by extending the Patriot Act, uses taxpayer money to give aid to powerful dictatorships, puts us further at the mercy of China through excessive borrowing, builds up the debt through escalating budgets and regulations, authorizes more power for the Federal Reserve, signs away our national sovereignty with unprecedented ease, supports policies that cause more people to starve and die in third-world countries, and acts as if he could care less that the dollar is on the road to destruction - win and accept the Nobel Peace Prize?

Keep making your excuses, liberals.

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