Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lincoln Was a Traitor, Not a Hero

Remember how your classroom glorified him as the Great and Almighty Messiah? Some of his most "heroic" accomplishments and features:
  • Waged war without a declaration from Congress 
  • Created blockades against the South, and sent his Northern Army upon the South thereafter (no wonder the South fired the first shot) 
  • Oversaw the killing of innocent civilians at the hands of the State 
  • Cared less about slavery and more about preserving the Union in the name of an all-powerful central government 
  • Implemented excessively high import taxes, signed an extremely protectionist tariff bill, and explicitly threatened invasion against any state that failed to comply (signed ten more tariff bills thereafter) 
  • Was an ardent supporter of corporate welfare, handing over massive land grants and subsidies to transcontinental railroad corporations 
  • Took the nation off the gold standard and handed over control of the monetary system entirely to central government through the National Currency Acts, nationalizing the banking system 
  • Drafted thousands of individuals into government slavery through coercive military conscription 
  • Jailed over 30,000 civilians who spoke out against him or the war efforts without due process of law 
  • Forced hundreds of newspapers that did not support the war into free speech suppression 
  • Completely ignored the Tenth Amendment (states' rights) and the right of the South to secede from the Union, even though the North was also holding slaves and many other countries found more peaceful solutions to the eventual abolishment of slavery (ex. buying slaves and freeing them) 
  • Preferred dictatorial centralization over state sovereignty
    Lincoln was a fraud, a traitor, and a tyrant. In fact, he was probably the worst president ever - and that's a lot considering we had Bush, and now Obama. Socialists, neocons, and big government Progressives use the public's love of Lincoln to manipulate the masses into an imperialistic foreign policy, economic totalitarianism, and centralized government on colossal proportions. Someday, I hope the indoctrinated public wakes up and realizes what Lincoln worship has wrought upon our nation.

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    1. Sgt. Jarhead ( 17, 2010 at 2:42 AM

      Most of our woes as a society can be traced back to the precedents that were set by Lincoln during his presidency. After that came the progressive movement which inspired the policy decisions of both Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. That election was a precursor to the political system we have today. Both parties are progressive, they just argue over how to use the power of government. Wilson brought back the National Bank that Andrew Jackson had opposed in the form of the Federal Reserve, and he gave us the Federal Income Tax. Then we got FDR, who prolonged the Great Depression with his progressive statist policy. Lincoln was the first of the worst, but I think these three were all equally devastating to our way of life as a free people.

      Great Blog! I subscribed and will check back often. Keep up the good work!